RAVIDA Wild Fennel Sea Salt

RAVIDA Wild Fennel Sea Salt


Product Description

Following the success of RAVIDA sea salt, we are pleased to announce the introduction of our new line of SALTS with SICILIAN HERBS.
All the aromatic flavour of wild oregano, the mild sweetness of tomatoes, the intensity of wild fennel seeds and the potency of fennel pollen will enhance your favourite foods in addition to the natural taste of RAVIDA sea salt.
RAVIDA sea salt is produced from the low waters of the Mediterranean sea along the Western coast of Sicily.  Ideal complement to this unique all natural sea salt are Sicilian herbs indigenous to the region, hand picked and selected for their distinctive fragrance.

The full-bodied aroma of Sicilian wild fennel seeds in this salt will enhance meats, especially pork stews, tomato sauces,  Pasta con le Sarde or vegetables such as carrots and cabbage.



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