RAVIDA Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3 lt – Oilbox®


Product Description

RAVIDA Oilbox® supplies the renown multi award-winning blend of Biancolilla, Cerasuola and Nocellara extracted on the Ravida press in Menfi, Sicily.

Our introduction back in 1993 of the bag-in-box to store olive oil was received with diffidence as olive oil is traditionally stored in tins. Also, the association of the bag-in-box to low quality wines was thought to confer a negative image to the consolidated quality of the RAVIDA bottle. With time we succeeded in communicating the great advantages this packaging offered.

By storing olive oil in complete absence of oxygen and light, this method of packaging offers the possibility of maintaining the flavours of freshly pressed olive oil intact.

Easy to use:

RAVIDA Oilbox® is exceptionally handy and easy to use. It is carried by means of its plastic handle and placed on a flat kitchen surface. A handy tap allows full control of the flow of the oil pouring just the amount required in a clean bottle or directly onto your dish or slice of bread.

The Oilbox® has become a favourite with regular RAVIDA costumers who take advantage of its good value.

Michelin star chefs and all those other chefs who prize quality, regularly take advantage of having RAVIDA olive oil always fresh and fragrant on hand.



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