Our production

Producing RAVIDA olive oil from Natalia Ravida on Vimeo.


With the old stone press out of use since the ’50s and our market developing, we felt the need to have full control of our production line. A new olive press was designed by Nicolò Ravidà following the most up-to-01_production_vistadate anti-sismic requirements and opened in 2005 on the boundaries of the Ravida family estate, La Gurra, in an area devoted to farming overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

RAVIDA is a family-run business and our aim is to produce olive oil like a first class wine, a full expression of the olives we extract it from. The distinctive flavour of RAVIDA olive oil is the result of the careful blend, often natural, of three local Sicilian varieties: Cerasuola with its fragrant full-bodied oil, Biancolilla with its delicate aroma and Nocellara with its fruity olives.

RAVIDA is praised for its distinctive blend which results in an elegant grassy aroma with hints of lemon zest and tomato skin, distinctive peppery clean finish.

Hundred of years of tradition for natural growth make us to very selective in our olive supply and production chain. Whether from the family farm ‘La Gurra’ or from our long time suppliers, we choose only top quality olives, unblemished and at the perfect time of ripening.

Harvest time starts mid-October and lasts no longer than 3 weeks. Olives are picked by hand and with the help of vibrating methods fall onto nets placed under the trees where they are gathered, cleaned of all leaves and taken to the RAVIDA press. Here, olives undergo further defoliation and are washed and crushed before the end of the day, no longer than 8 hours after picking. We use continuous centrifugation using a two phase-system at a temperature not exceeding 27°C/80°F degrees, according to EU regulations for cold extraction. Our unfiltered olive oil is selected for bottling throughout the harvest and storage period and bottled only as orders come in throughout the year. This is one of several attentions we pay at RAVIDA to guarantee extra freshness of our olive oil.

Due to careful monitoring for quality during all stages of production, we obtain an exceptionally low acidity level of 0,10%.

Over the years RAVIDA has won several awards for its outstanding quality. 3 Olives from SLOW FOOD, one of the ‘TOP 10′ in the world by ‘Der Feinschmecker’ have sided with our several GOLD Awards received over the years.

RAVIDA has also been described as being ‘one of the best olive oils in the world’ (The Food Channel), ‘one of Italy’s finest oils’ (Gourmet Traveller Australia), ‘a Sicilian nectar’ (The Guardian, Uk).

When tasting it for the first time, we suggest pouring it in a glass. Cover the top of the glass and then release to inhaleall the aromas of the oil. Sip and swirl around your mouth, to the back and front to allow flavours, pepper and bitterness to develop. Try again with a pinch of RAVIDA Sea Salt. Now experiment on your favourite food. You will find it to be a fully versatile olive oil.

Enjoy it!