Discovering the world of olive oil

Ever asked yourself about the huge price gap within extra virgin olive oils, how to use it, where to use it, whether to fry with it? Do you know why it has lost that grassy fragrance it had when first opened?

Join us at our olive press in Menfi, Sicily for an olive oil tasting and be initiated into the world of quality oil. Learn how olive varieties and methods of production will influence its taste and flavor. Sip it like a glass of good wine and discover it will add a distinctive taste to the simplest of food.

terrazza frantoioLater, relax overlooking the Mediterranean sea on the breezy terrace of our olive press enjoying a glass of wine and a light lunch seasoned with freshly poured green olive oil.

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Cooking with RAVIDA in Sicily

Prize-winning olive oil producer Natalia Ravidà is a chef and food writer whose passion for Sicilian food stems from her family love of the land and a gastronomic tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Villa AntoniettaNatalia runs her popular cooking classes in the secluded kitchen of 19th century Villa Antonietta in San Lorenzo Palermo, taking inspiration from Sicily’s exotic street foodsuch as Panelle, Crocchè and Sfincione  as well as the recipes of Sicilian aristocratic families.

Making good use of seasonal produce, RAVIDA sea salt and olive, the menu is put together in advance to meet your requirements. It includes a starter with drinks, one or two pasta courses, a main course of meat or fish, vegetables and a dessert.

Courses last about two hours and include an introduction to olive oil tasting. Lessons are hands on, informal and run in English.

To book a lesson at your summer home in West Sicily or at Villa Antonietta in Palermo, contact us for more information.

RAVIDA events abroad

Our events travel around the world spreading our love of food and olive oil.

ny book signingIn-store cooking demos, dinners, cooking classes, book signings held by some of RAVIDA’s top customers such as Williams Sonoma in the United States, Courtrights’ and Kendall’s Culinary Institute in Chicago, Jacob’s in Oslo, City Super in Hong Kong, Enoteca Norio and Trattoria Mangia Pesce in Tokyo have been enjoyed by hundreds of RAVIDA followers.

authentic sicily tv shootNatalia has received worldwide recognition featuring on the Food Channel in the USA, on TV5 in France and alongside renowned chefs such as Rick Stein in the UK and Josèe Di Stasio in Quebec, Canada.

‘Seasons of Sicily’ (New Holland, Australia) collects her most popular recipes from a straightforward yet delightful shirred egg cooked with RAVIDA olive oil to Linguine with lemon zest to her mother Ninny’s Grape Pudding, all acclaimed. ‘Seasons of Sicily’ is available on Amazon worldwide.