Pesto alla Trapanese- Almond and Mint Pesto

Pasta with Mint and Almond Pesto

 The lands near the salt pans in the westernmost coast of Sicily produce, in Nubia, a red garlic with an exceptionally intense flavor called Aglio rosso   di Nubia. It is picked in June and mixed with cherry tomatoes, mint and early season almonds into an explosion of early summer flavors.  This  Sicilian version of […]

Prima Goccia  2015

2015 RAVIDA Harvest takes off to an early start

Earliest start ever in our history for the 2015 harvest. First drop of 2015 RAVIDA evoo in the picture poured out of our decanter on September 30th! A much needed sign of goodwill from nature after the disastrous 2014 crop. It might take a while – usually not before mid October – until we get […]

Drinking RAVIDA in Japan

RAVIDA’S 15 years in Japan

Champagne? No. RAVIDA Olive Oil. Japanese love our oil so much that Top Chefs in Tokyo pour it abundantly over sushi and sashimi, grilled fish and meats, rice and fresh tofu and, when not fully satisfied yet, they just…